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Octopus Invasion – Motion Graphics

I made this illustration some time ago in Photoshop and now I have recovered it to make an animation in After Effects with it after taking a course in Crehana (Online courses in Spanish)

Creative Brief:
The concept arises from an illustration that I made a few months ago, which coincidentally has an environment or climate similar to that of the teacher’s example in this course. My objectives were several, to take advantage of that illustration with which I was never completely satisfied, to make motion graphics as if it were the presentation of an action video game (an FPS), that the result will be satisfactory and not simply a participation for this course .
With that in mind, I set out to recreate a very similar dynamic, to that of the teacher’s example, because I was looking for the same result, of impact and general climate.

Technical data:
File format: .MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 px
Duration: 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Music: Heavy metal. Edit to the planned duration. [XTaKeRuX – “Free will possession”. (CC BY 4.0)].
Sound effects: no.

The idea is to move the camera making close-ups of the main characters in the image, a giant octopus that is attacking a city and a “soldier of the future” that can be seen much closer to the viewer. With speed, the camera will discover (and to the rhythm of the music) the complete scene.
For this it is necessary to focus only on the places of interest, as the camera moves in AE. Also counting on the depth level of the layers.
The characters are animated using puppet tools and a slight rotation of layers, but playing with speed as if it were slow motion. Other objects follow other speeds (faster or slower) finding all objects at the end of the video at the same speed.
Final letters with credits and title.

Animatic: In the animatic you can establish exactly how long each shot will take and work on it in a much more orderly way, knowing that all the elements have already been positioned and found on time.

Final Result [Render]: The final result left me very satisfied, after playing around with some visual effects, I learned a lot along the way and I was finally able to give this illustration a much better destination.

I sincerely expected more than a “proof of participation” from Crehana, but hey, the important thing was to do the exercise and take advantage of this illustration.

For which, on the other hand, I have a whole story mounted on this image, including the armor of the “soldier”. It is not that the anatomy of the soldier is wrong, it is a suit that protects him and “inflates” in certain sectors in the face of a threat, perhaps I will develop this idea in the future.
Sorry, I’m obsessive and I had to clarify that point.

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