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THE ARTIST – A Cup of Coffe – S01E01

The idea for this animated short film emerged some time ago as a final project for academic formation in digital design and animation. I was able to pick it up due to the quarantine and add details that I had in mind, the music and sound effects, and the voices (with which my partner collaborated). This episode is intended to be the first in a series. A pilot, if you want …

As for the technical details I use the Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects) and Audacity for the sound. For the 2.5D look in this case I used 2D layers oriented on their axis to give the 3D impression. Then I worked on the enviroment with the AE cameras and lights.

To animate the characters I used Duik Bassel 2 for “The Artist” and the female presenter. For the rest of the characters I used the puppet tool from After Effects.
Soon I will be uploading some “behind the scenes” of interesting things about the process and making of this animated short, which may be interesting.

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